Welcome to the STFM Resource Library!

How Did the STFM Resource Library (FMDRL) Begin:
The Society of Teachers of Family Medicine received a 3-year grant totaling approximately $400,000 by the National Library of Medicine to develop the Resource Library (FMDRL). Its mission is to support  and enhance the sharing and collaborative development of  educational resources among  family medicine educators through a digital library that will include resources for all levels of family medicine education

How the STFM Resource Library Works:
There is no charge to post or view materials in the STFM Resource Library (FMDRL). You find the uploading of conference materials and resources to be quite simple: just click on the “upload” tab, and you’ll be asked to register or log in, then follow quick, step-by-step instructions.  For additional information about using the site visit the Frequently Asked Questions section as well as the help pages sprinkled throughout the site.

The STFM Resource Library Editorial Team Includes:
    Christopher Morley, PhD, SUNY Upstate Medical University, editor-in-chief
    Dr Morley completes his editorial work with cooperation from the STFM Resource Library Editorial Board.

    Traci Nolte, STFM director of publications and community handle operations for the site.

    Feel free to contact any of the above individuals with your questions.

What the STFM Resource Library Includes:
•    Conference Presentations/Handouts
•    PowerPoint Lectures
•    Learning Modules for All Levels of Learners
•    Digital images, Audio and Video Files
•    Standardized Patient Cases
•    Recommended Web Sites and PDA Programs
•    Other Curricular Materials 

Additional STFM Resource Library Features:
•    Opportunity for STFM Group reviewers and involvement.
•    Content for all levels of family medicine education.
•    Works-in-Progress section.
•    Expert Peer Review -- Materials will be peer reviewed and archived with user-friendly search functionality.
•    Editorial and administrative oversight for the STFM Resource Library will be provided by a steering committee of educators, informaticists, researchers, and librarians.
•    Developed with an open standards-based infrastructure, permitting interaction with other digital libraries.

DISCLOSURE: The STFM Resource Library (FMDRL) is solely funded by STFM and was created with support from the National Library of Medicine. We do not accept industry funding.